Dos Continentes - 2017

PLANET KATE is a "neofolk" project by singer-songwriter Kate Witt. She was born in Bulgaria and grew up in West-Berlin. From 2001-2008 Kate lived in Mexico where she became an artisan and rediscovered her passion for music. Since 2008 she lives again in Berlin.  In 2013 Kate founded the band "Planet Kate" with the intention of bringing her compositions to the broadest audience possible. Her music style is  influenced by the years she spent in Mexico.  She also incorporates indigenous Mexican influences and sings a variety of songs in indigenous languages such as Zapotec or Nahuatl. In her Live-Shows she includes Cumbias and famous Mexican songs , giving them a neofolk-style.





european tour - 23.7.2016 BERLIN, 21 Uhr @ ARCANOA

Vorgruppe: Planet Kate

Das Konzert war mein persönliches Highlight des Jahres 2016 !!!

Vielen Dank an alle, die da waren und uns unterstützt haben!

Los quiero amigos!


revista: Victoria de Durango, MX,


                                                                    Berliner Kurier, 7.5.2016

"Singing Wohnzimmers"